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CAL-PT-FUND Grant Application Tips & Tricks
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Mention you are a “Student” and whether you are an entry level or a post professional graduate student.


Mention the name of your Mentor.

  • Make sure their CV includes information about grants they have received and studies they have had published

  • Be sure to note the job title of your mentor (e.g. academic faculty, clinical faculty, clinical specialist etc.)

In the body of the proposal, include information about the approval status of your informed consent form


State your objectives clearly, and be sure you describe and briefly summarize the methods you will use to achieve the objectives.


State your hypothesis(es) clearly

  • Define the dependent and independent variables for the hypotheses

  • State what you expect to find (e.g. to accept or reject your hypothesis)

  • Specify decision rules for accepting/rejecting the null hypothesis (e.g. alpha level)

Have a detailed, clear and transparent budget outline

  • If the budget includes line items for participants (food, transportation etc.) describe procedures to be followed in the case of drop-outs

  • Carefully read what the grant will fund

  • Note that indirects are not covered

  • Include approval from administration regarding use of facilities without charge

While this was mentioned in the proposal, also specifically state the IRB approval status.


Outline the statistical analysis planned.

  • Include an analysis of the power for your study

  • Describe the variables

  • If data is going to be collected by a number of different individuals, need to establish inter- and intra-rater reliability for the examiners/personnel performing the measurements, and indicate the statistical test used to analyze the reliability.

  • Provide information or the reliability of the measurement  instruments

Include in-depth description of methods to be used during study.

  • If subjects are required, make sure you describe how you will be able to recruit the number you need and propose what will be done if recruitment is not successful within the proposed timeline

  • Summarize the inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Assess the number of subjects and ask your mentor if it is too large or too small

Include any information on pilot work you have done prior to this study proposal.


Include a summary of the statistical analysis in your abstract.


Proofread for clarity and typographical errors.


Describe the impact of your study on the profession and how it will be used in PT practice.

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