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Featured Research - Fall 2013


"I was honored to receive a CAL-PT-FUND research grant while completing my Master's thesis in physical therapy at Stanford University in 1985. My classmate, Allison Snow Orofino, and I examined the return of individuals to their preinjury activity level following ACL reconstruction surgery. Though previous studies examined the individuals' ability to return to their day-to-day functional activities, there were no studies that examined success or failure in return to sports. The return to their prior level of sports, especially those activities involving cutting and pivoting motions, is the primary reason why athletes undergo this major surgery.

The CAL-PT-FUND grant not only assisted us in completing our thesis, it also lead to the publication of this study, "Assessment of quadriceps/hamstring strength, knee ligament stability, functional and sports activity levels five years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction" in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. This was one of the first studies that specifically examined both functional and sports outcomes following what used to be considered a career ending sports injury.

This experience in research set up the ground work for my past role as the Coordinator of Physical Therapy Research at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic and consultant in the Biomechanics Laboratory at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, CA. Many of the studies performed served as a foundation for our profession's current understanding of pathomechanics, differential diagnoses and subsequent treatment of sports related injuries. My involvement in cutting edge research helped shape and guide my career within the sports medicine world. In addition, this early exposure has engrained in me the understanding of the role quality research continues to play as a critical component of evidence-based practice. I encourage my fellow clinicians to support the CAL-PT-FUND to enable much needed research to continue and allow us to develop our expertise in delivering optimal clinical care. "

Dr. Judy Seto is the Head Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles Lakers. She received her bachelor's degrees in kinesiology and psychology from UCLA, Master's degree in physical therapy from Stanford University, MBA degree from Troy State University, and DPT degree in physical therapy from Temple University. Dr. Seto has practiced extensively in orthopaedics and sports medicine settings for the past 28 years. She is also board certified in both orthopaedics and sports clinical specialities, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Her research, publications and presentations have focused on sports medicine related injuries including upper extremity injuries in the overhead athlete, ACL and patellofemoral injuries, and core stability and performance. During the NBA off season, she serves as senior physical therapist at Select Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. She is also on the board of directors for the Institute for the Advancement of Orthopedic Physical Therapy (IAOPT), a non-profit organization of Kaiser Hayward PT Fellowship alumni.

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