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Anthem announces telehealth coverage in California plans


Anthem announces telehealth coverage in California plans

Anthem has announced that it will cover telehealth for all providers in California plans. As required by the State of California, telehealth and telephonic services will be paid at the same rate, whether a service is provided in-person or through telehealth or telephonically, if the service is the same regardless of the modality of delivery, as determined by the provider’s description of the service on the claim. For telehealth or telephonic services, providers should bill the same CPT codes that they would normally bill for in-person visits with modifiers 95 or GT and Place of Service (POS) code “02”.

In addition, Anthem and its delegated entities will waive cost sharing for members using Anthem’s telemedicine service, LiveHealth Online, as well as care received from other in-network providers delivering virtual care through internet video + audio services for their fully insured employer plans, Individual plans, and Medicaid plans. Self-insured plan sponsors may opt out of this program. Member cost shares for telehealth services will not be waived for out of network providers, except for COVID-19 screening.

Follow this link to view the announcement and FAQ