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Charles M. Magistro Service Award

Deadline for receipt: June 1, 2020


To acknowledge and honor individuals who have provided exceptional service to the CPTA and its members. This award may be presented to members of the CPTA whose contributions to the CPTA and to the APTA, have been of exceptional value.

Criteria for Selection of Charles Magistro Service Award

Members recommended shall have:

  1. Been a member of the California Physical Therapy Association for at least the immediately preceding five years.
  2. Provided consistent, valuable and exceptional service to the Chapter and to the APTA.
  3. This service shall have continued through at least the last five years to the Chapter and/or APTA.
  4. Provided service at the Chapter and APTA level and may have also participated at the District, Special Interest Group, Section, and Assembly, and may have provided volunteer community service which brings recognition and credit to the profession of physical therapy.
  5. Provided service which may include, but is not limited to, participation in or on: elected positions, committees, task forces, other appointed groups, and individual assignments.
  6. The recipient shall not be a member of the Chapter Board, Awards Committee or and employee of the Chapter at the time that the recommendation is considered.

The individual must not be an employee of the CPTA or a member of its Board or Awards Committee at the time of nomination.

Please be as specific as possible in completing this form so that the member recommended can receive full consideration. Refer to the award criteria for the specific types of service and significance of the service to be recognized.

INSTRUCTIONS: Recommending party must send the recommendation form and all attachments as a complete packet. 

Charles Magistro Service Award

  1. Attach a narrative description of the service for each level (i.e. Chapter, APTA and when appropriate District, Special Interest Group, Section, community), providing:
    1. Nature of service (e.g. position held, task performed)
    2. Approximate inclusive dates of service (e.g. years)
    3. Nature of significant positive effect of the service.
  2. Attach a resume or vitae of the member recommended.