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Friend of the FUND

FUND Donation Programs

The Friend of the FUND program is the backbone of the CAL-PT-FUND.

Generous donors such as yourself are what keep us running and allow us to provide the support that we do to California researchers.The program allows donors to give at a level that is comfortable for them.

Contributor Levels
Platinum = $1000+
Gold = $500-$999
Silver = $250-$499
Bronze = $100-$249
Contributor = up to $99


Become a Partner of the FUND

The CAL-PT-FUND is looking for businesses to partner with us in support of research in California. If your company is interested in making an in-kind contribution or partnering with us this year, please contact Kristy Murchison. Learn how to become one!

The program allows donors to give at a level that is comfortable for them.


Contributor donation
  • 2 Complimentary Registrants to Annual Research Symposium
  • +
  • Complimentary Logo on Ride for Research jersey
  • +
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Package Recognition


Contributor donation
  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to Barrel & Brews
  • +
  • Podium Recognition at Annual Conference
  • +
  • Silver & Bronze Package Recognition


Contributor donation
  • Your Logo on all CAL-PT-FUND e-solicitations
  • +
  • Name Badge Recognition at Annual Conference, If Exhibiting
  • +
  • Bronze Package Recognition


Contributor donation
  • Website Recognition
  • +
  • Social Media Recognition
  • +
  • Access to FUND logo
  • +
  • Annual Conference Recognition

Contribution Materials

Support the Science Behind Your Profession
Download the contribution form to pass out at your next district meeting.
Completed forms can be returned to:

1990 Del Paso Road
Sacramento, CA 95834

Support the Science Behind Your Profession
Download the FUND promotional brochure for your clinic.
Completed forms can be returned to:

1990 Del Paso Road
Sacramento, CA 95834


Thank you to all of our Donors!

Please join us in thanking our Diamond Friends of the FUND!

Nancy Byl, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Rita Pierson

Diamond Friends of the FUND are those individuals that have chosen to support evidence based research in California by making a contribution to the CAL-PT-FUND. These contributions are dispersed to emerging researchers here in California on a yearly basis. If you are interested in becoming a Diamond Friend of the FUND, please contact Kristy Murchison.

The CAL-PT-FUND recognizes the Diamond Friends of the FUND for their contributions at every opportunity possible including:

2 Complimentary Tickets to CAL-PT-FUND’s Annual Barrels & Brews
Lifetime Recognition on the CAL-PT-FUND Webpages
Lifetime Recognition at the CAL-PT-FUND Sales Table at CPTA Annual Conference
Lifetime Recognition on the Diamond Friends of the FUND Plaque
Lifetime Recognition in the CAL-PT-FUND E-Newsletters, Flyers and other Promotional Material
Lifetime Recognition on the CAL-PT-FUND Official Letterhead

Claire Beekman
Debi Craddock
Pat Kam
Lorraine Macnaughton
Andy Pon
Judith Sebring
Winkie Sonnefield
Bettye Torres-Saleh
*as of December 3

Diane Barrickman
Ann Grove
Stuart Katzman
Rick Ritter
West Coast University
*as of December 3

Kay Cerny
Rich Kriet
Paul Smith
Todd Soares
Gail Widener
*as of December 3

Cecile Bodington
Ben Braxley
Louis Ceppi
Alain Claudel
Jamie Coles
Daniel Drummer
Barbara Edmison
Amber Fitzsimmons
Sheryl Flynn
James Fortin
Simon Gibson
Carla Griffith
Kim Hale
Jamie Hart
Dorothy Ho
Patricia Hokama
Richard Katz
Mitch Kaye
Kelley Kubota
Linda Lansdowne
Cam Lippincott
Philip McGough
Patricia Nakagawa
Danielle Nelson
Susan Nowell
Elizabeth Pastore
Cheryl Pierson
Mark Poggetti
Lawrence Putong
Patricia Roney
Barb Sakata
Ryan Schmidt
Steven Scoggin
Allyson Shapiro
Michael Skurja
Marci Stevenson
Andrea Stouffer
Sandra Stuckey
Kimberly Topp
Rebekah Walker
Theresa Weber
Robert Williams
Carolee Winstein
Monika Witte
Lifestyle Physical Therapy Inc
*as of December 3

Zachary Atienza
Khiem Banh
George Benek
Shirley Blum
Janae Brown
Joyce Campbell
Michael Castillo
Angela Cedillo
Artisha Cheng
Susan Coolidge
Denis Dempsey
Anemarie Deyoung
Andrew Donnelly
Carol Eber
Anna Edwards
Marsha Ellesberg
Aubin Elliot
Laraine Enderle
Leonora Fernandez
Lisa Ferrin
Peter Finney
Carol Fracalosy
Stephen Fradera
Vivienne Frost
Joshua Gallegos
James George
David Girard
Cara Greenwald
Bernard Gregoris
Candice Groat
Dorothy Ho
Aimee Hostetter
Valerie Jackson
Jamil Frank Juan
Lisa Katzman
Mitchell Kauk
Sharlynn Landers
Allison Legakis
Diane Lerner
Theresa Locke
An Luong
Elizabeth Mallinson
Michelle Marchetti
Barbara Marcum
Smita Marfatia
Maureen Mason
Jodi Masumoto
Patricia McAdoo
Lilit Melikyan
Erika Meredith
Thais Mollet
Mario Moncada
Jafar Monozzam
David Murphy
Andrew Myler
Karen Neun
Henry Nguygen
Cedric Norwood
Tara O'Rourke
Sarah Pizzy
Susan Quon
Marc Reisman
Sue Rennels
Houda Rizk
Kylee Roberge
Marites Sicat
Marlene Slutsky
Kayla Smith
Richard Souza
Polly Stone
Mia Sugi
Valerie Teglia
Leslie Torburn
Yana Tutunik
Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman
Deborah Walker
Justin Weeks
Kathy Weiner
Pamela Westfall Bochte
Pattie Whitehurst
Kevin Wolak
Susan Yovanno
Kathleen Zack
Mary Lou Zelmanski
Ocean Physical Therapy Inc.

*as of December 3