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CPTA Legislator of the Year Award

Deadline for receipt: March 1, 2020

Criteria for Selection

The State Assembly Member or Senator recipient of this award shall have demonstrated consistent support for the profession through one or more of the following activities:

  1. authorship of CPTA sponsored major legislation, or
  2. advocacy for legislation supporting physical therapy, or
  3. sought consultation and input from CPTA on matter of important to health care legislation and policy development in California, or
  4. for opposing legislation detrimental to the profession of physical therapy, or
  5. demonstration of veracity, tenacity and courage when challenged on appropriate health care policy for Californians, or
  6. solicitation of Attorney General or Legislative Counsel opinions on issues of importance to CPTA, or
  7. participated in CPTA sponsored events, e.g. PAC dinners, Annual Conferences presentations, District meeting and Town Hall meeting presentations, etc., or
  8. demonstrates an “open door” policy to CPTA and its members, or
  9. other efforts to advocate for the profession and the consumers of services as a friend to the profession.

Please be as specific as possible in completing this form so that the legislator recommended can receive full consideration. Refer to the award criteria, found up above, for the specific activities related to exceptional support of the CPTA legislative efforts to be recognized and addressed in the narrative statements.

INSTRUCTIONS: Recommending party must send the recommendation form and all attachments as a complete packet. Note: If multiple recommendations will be submitted for this particular legislator, individuals must submit complete, separate recommendations in order for the legislator to be considered for this award.

  1. Attach a summary and documentation of the legislative activity for which he/she will be recognized for exceptional support of the CPTA legislative agenda. If there are specific bills the legislator introduced please include in the recommendation.
  2. If possible, attach a resume or vitae of the legislator recommended.