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Royce P. Noland Award of Merit

Deadline for receipt: June 1, 2020

Given for exceptional service and achievement.

In 1986 the Chapter Board created the annual Royce P. Noland Award of Merit in honor of Royce P. Noland, retiring APTA Executive Director, past California Chapters Coordinating Council Executive Director, and past California physical therapy leader. The Award was established to acknowledge exceptional service and achievement by an individual to the profession of physical therapy and the American Physical Therapy Association and its components.


  1. The recipient shall be a current or former member of the California Physical Therapy Association or predecessor chapter.
  2. The recipient shall have demonstrated exceptional achievement in advancing the education, practice, or research of physical therapy.
  3. The recipient shall have made a valuable, consistent contribution of service to the profession of physical therapy and the Chapter, and the American Physical Therapy Association and its other components.
  4. The recipient's achievement and service must be widely known by the general membership or attested to by other Active APTA members in leadership positions.
  5. The recipient's service must be sufficient in duration to demonstrate frequent and sustained efforts to advance the profession over a period of years immediately preceding the recommendation.
  6. The recipient shall not be a member of the Chapter Board, Awards Committee or an employee of the Chapter at the time that the recommendation is considered by the Chapter Board.


Achievement - The recipient has demonstrated exceptional achievement in one or more of the following areas.

Education: Has fostered the development of quality learning experiences that promote sustaining and improving the physical therapy profession through teaching, administration and/or curriculum development in any one or a combination of the following areas.

  1. Academic
  2. Clinical
  3. Continuing

Practice (one of the following):

  1. Has developed, advanced, or initiated new or innovative methods, systems, or concepts for delivering physical therapy services.
  2. Has demonstrated distinguished service within the clinical application of physical therapy by providing services to patients in a manner that exceeds the standards established as acceptable performance on a continuing basis.


  1. Has performed and fostered laboratory and/or clinical research that has promoted the development of the physical therapy profession.
  2. Has published and disseminated the results of his/her research.
  3. Has demonstrated a willingness to share contributions that have advanced the profession through increased knowledge, development of new techniques, and innovative applications of existing knowledge.

Service – The recipient has demonstrated consistent involvement in both of the following areas:

  1. Service to the association by promotion of the organization and its goals, holding district, chapter or national elected offices, or serving on chapter or national committees or appointed groups.
  2. Service to physical therapy and the community through membership in relevant service or voluntary organizations and/or involvement in local, state, or federal government on an elected, appointed, or voluntary basis.

Please be as specific as possible in completing this form so that the member recommended can receive full consideration. Refer to the award eligibility and criteria found on the back of this form for the specific types of achievement and service to be recognized and addressed in your narrative statements

INSTRUCTIONS: Recommending party must send the recommendation form and all attachments as a complete packet.

  1. Attach a narrative description and documentation of the exceptional achievement of the member recommended in advancing the education, practice, or research of physical therapy.
  2. Attach a narrative description of the valuable, consistent service to the profession of physical therapy which demonstrates frequent and sustained efforts to advance the profession over a period of years immediately preceding the recommendation.
  3. Attach a resume or vitae of the member recommended.
  4. Try to keep this nomination confidential.