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Tricounties District

Tricounties District

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Involvement typically starts at the district level. Seek out an experienced, involved member to serve as your mentor. Attend business and educational meetings to hear and discuss current professional issues. Serve as a district representative or seek election to a position on the Executive Committee. Welcome to Tricounties district!

District Events

Looking to catch up on CEUs and meet fellow PT professionals and students? Here's what's happening in your district.

CPTA PAC Fundraiser

DATE:  Saturday, August 1st, 2020
SPEAKER:  Terry Nordstrom, PT, EdD, FAPTA
TOPIC:  Doing What’s Best and What’s Right? Ethical Decision Making in Physical Therapy

TIME:  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   
Online via Zoom

DONATION:   $20.00 for CPTA members, $40.00 for non-members, Students are free
Receive 2 contact hours after completing a program evaluation.
This course will satisfy the ethics requirement for state licensure.
RSVP: Bettye Torres-Saleh at SewSlo24@gmail.com by Monday 7/27  

This will be a highly interactive course. Dr Nordstrom would like to make this as relevant to you as possible. Are there ethical issues you are facing right now?  Is there a scenario you would like to discuss?  What ethical concerns would you like to hear about?  Please send topic requests in with your RSVP.

Instructional Methods: Lecture, discussion and Q and A session
Level of Instruction:  Intermediate

Course Description: This course will address ethical decision-making in physical therapy practice, particularly when there are conflicts among competing ethical principles that arise from the particular interests, wants and needs of the people involved. Specifically, we will explore these conflicts when there are equity and justice issues because of health disparities, unequal access to care, or restrictions on payment. Participants cases from their clinical practices will be used. The presentation and discussion will use current evidence about ethics and ethical reasoning and the core ethics documents of the profession

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss physical therapist’s moral responsibilities to address social issues that affect the health of people served in practice.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of a systematic approach to ethical decision making.
  3. Apply the APTA Code of Ethics and Guide for Professional Conduct and other ethical principles to ethical issues encountered in physical therapy practice.
  4. Formulate an effective response to a commonly encountered ethical problem in physical therapy practice at the individual level and at the organizational and societal levels.

There are many networking opportunities in your district. Attend district meetings, town halls or Chapter and National activities.

Strategic Planning Meeting
Saturday, November 2

District PR events can vary from volunteering in your community, exhibiting at a health fair, career fairs or your local farmers market.

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